. . . Or atleast whats left of it!


Didly12.net WAS a website for artist from Newgrounds.com/ other places to collaborate many years ago. There are many reasons for its eventually collapse and myth and legend surround them. The reason that is most commonly speculated was because of Eli's lack of interest in the site. Many summers have been spent up late on the chats of this website and it was a very small core group of people. I could go on for hours about how great it was and have very fond memories of this website.


Rather than completely remove the site (The domain having expired) we thought this would serve as a good place to collect the history of this wonderful website. I am putting together a team of people known as D12HF (Didly12 History Foundation) to help make an accurate library. Their information can be found on Wriggle Forum - The new home of many ex-didly12.net members...

Speaking of Wriggle.... It is a forum for free speech. Very much like Didly12.net was for those who are interested!

A new site... Based on the legacy of Didly12.net and run by one of it's old admins- For those who are Interested...