Didly12.net -CLOSED-
Welcome to didly12.net, your looking at a site for artist run in Tallahassee FL.

What is this site?
A social network for artist, a forum, a chat site, and even a free dating service at times.

Why should I join?

*Access to the chat
*The ability to post
*Your own customizable profile and the ability to see others
*Member only forums (Members lounge,Clubs and Crews, etc.)
*Use the private messaging
*Get acess to our gallery to submit your art.
*No advertisements

Sign up now! Its a really quick process. And you won't regret it.


Clay Wolf:
(Some episodes were deleted and are pending remakes.)

Clay Wolf 1
Clay Wolf 2
Clay Wolf 4
Clay Wolf 6
Clay Wolf 7

White Demons:
White Demons 1
White Demons 2
White Demons 3
White Demons 4
White Demons 5