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Welcome to didly12.net, your looking at a site for artist run in Tallahassee FL.

What is this site?
A social network for artist, a forum, a chat site, and even a free dating service at times.

Why should I join?

*Access to the chat
*The ability to post
*Your own customizable profile and the ability to see others
*Member only forums (Members lounge,Clubs and Crews, etc.)
*Use the private messaging
*Get acess to our gallery to submit your art.
*No advertisements

Sign up now! Its a really quick process. And you won't regret it.

Welcome to didly12.net!

Welcome to didly12.net


What are we? We are an advance socail network for artist. We didn't like the way other sites ran there stuff, so we decided to make our own network.


Enjoy your stay here.


And remember, "It's greener on this side!"



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Sat 02 Jan 2010, 12:28 pm by Jordan

Would you help your old uncle Jordan get his ass a new laptop? PLEASE?

In return, I make you a website KK?


SRSLY guys. Im really in reed of a new laptop. Any donation will help, and I will make a website in return.

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Heheh... eh um....

Sun 27 Dec 2009, 3:33 am by Jordan

JordansWorld.org is now in control of the Tallahassse Police department. It got v&.

I got in some big trouble with the law, hacking and whatnot. I will try to maintain this website though. Jordan is back... kinda.

My newgrounds account is now property of the CIB aswell. The only thing left are sites I did not create. Such as this one.

For all the anonymous members, I direct you to a …

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Alright guys.

Fri 31 Jul 2009, 11:54 am by Jordan

Im back. Sorry I was not on to keep you guys updated and keep this place active. I was busy with my website and my youtube channel.

I ask that you guys continue to go to JordansWorld.org though, but like I said, I don't want to see this forum die. I didn't but shirts of didly12.net for nothing.

So come on back on guys,


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Jordans World.

Thu 09 Jul 2009, 5:06 am by Jordan

Well guys, my new website (JordansWorld.org) is up. I plan to still come to didly12.net but expect it to be less frequent. I trust that our mods will do a good Job and tell me if anything is going wrong. BTW, this is still, the site "For artist" my site is just for geeks in general, and a computer help forum as well as a site were I will do prouduct reveiws, THATS RIGHT. PRODUCT …

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im sorry

Tue 30 Jun 2009, 9:57 pm by Didly12

i am sorry for baning and then deleting the condors account im sorry if i offended any one while i was here pleas except my apology

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meet up

Mon 29 Jun 2009, 4:08 am by Didly12

ya at skate inn ital be awesome im gona be ther (prob) every one who can make the time to come should and youll get to meet me im still looking for o gf. so come on to the d12 meet up.

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Wed 24 Jun 2009, 12:12 pm by Jordan

Everyone has been doing a great job. Different groups are assembling to do different projects. But before I begin, I would like to thank Jovani Bustamante for donating to the site. Everybody thank jovani.

Be like Jovani and donate!

Anyways, the different projects of didly12.net right now based on my news goon (Who im not saying his name because you guys make fun of him enough as it is) …

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Lots of news.

Fri 19 Jun 2009, 11:06 am by Jordan


Also, June 20th is the first annual alt day. Create as many alts as you want and spam the spam forum like crazy, do it for the lulz.

On june 26th Didly12 will be visiting Tallahassee again for 2 weeks. Expect allot of online activity from him.

And last, July 7th is didly12 …

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Cafepress store soon(?) - Site updates.

Tue 19 May 2009, 3:05 am by Jordan

Im pleased to say that were thinking about opening up a store for didly12 and J850 Media on Cafepress. Lets just say that were not real happy with zazzle and members of didly12.net who bought from them aren't happy either.

As for site updates, we will have new forum categories and smileys.

Thats about it for now.


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