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I interveiwed J850. (Jordan,Jox)

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I interveiwed J850. (Jordan,Jox) Empty I interveiwed J850. (Jordan,Jox)

Post by Dog-zhit on Sun 01 Mar 2009, 7:14 pm

Jordan is really worthy of being an internet celebrity, He is the unltimate nerd,
He plays video games, makes movies, programs websites, hacks, And is even a sociable person in real life.

So I thought he is worthy of interviewing...

Here are a few questions I asked Jordan:

Me: "As a web developer, what software do you find ESSENTIAL?"

Jordan: "NVU is great if you don't know anything about HTML. It allows you to learn more about HTML programming. First introduced be a teacher at my school it STILL comes in handy when Im not in the mood to code something the old fashioned way."

Me: "For your movies, what software do you use? What are your secrets?"

Jordan: "Not to be mean to the movie maker fans, but there are many more good movie making software out there. Movie maker is ok, but when you go down to what professionals will tell you, Pinnacle Studio and Magix Movie Edit Pro, and other software like that are allot better."

Me: "I see you like putting stories from real life on the internet at times, reading through your old Newgrounds BBS post. How far do you go with this?".

Jordan: "Most of the people that enjoy my work could care less about my life, but some people find the life of the person who does work like mine to be intriguing. I feel that stories of my life can be beneficial to others. I plan to post a section of my site for this type of thing for the rare people that care enough. Stories of hard financial times,Relationships,Peer pressure with drugs and violence, and many other things. I hope this to be an opportunity to show off my literary capabilities."

Me: "You have a dog names "Shyan"... or wait... isn't that Cheyenne?"

Jordan: "Oh my god! The world is going to come to an end because I spell my dogs name wrong because its easier! Really though, with all the "OMG wut did u do teh other day @ teh park?" nonesense on the internet I should be able to get away with small things like that."

Me: "What is the best video game you have ever played?"

Jordan: "Fallout 3, its really good."

Me: "What people have you met in person that frequent on the websites you go to?"

Jordan: "There are allot of idiots I know from school that are on Didly12 Productions, not mentioning any names. Besides that the only person who has seriusly tried to be involved with my work is Didly12.(Eli Thomas).

Me: "Would you be willing to do another inteveiw sometime?"

Jordan: "Yes, if this is it forrever I would be dissapointed. Theres many other things I would like to be asked."

Please comment on this guys. IF you don't beleive this interveiw is real then PM him.

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I interveiwed J850. (Jordan,Jox) Empty Re: I interveiwed J850. (Jordan,Jox)

Post by Jordan on Sun 01 Mar 2009, 8:35 pm

The interview was ok, but it needs moar yiff.


There are 3 names over the years I have been called over the internet, Jordan, J850, And Jox.
I interveiwed J850. (Jordan,Jox) Newsig11

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